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Hosted VoIP Platform

Voiplicity are in a great relationship with the worlds leading manufacturer of hosted voice technology, Metaswitch. We are in an enviable position as one of the very few carriers in Europe to own and operate this truly innovative platform. Read more

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Having been around for a while, we know how important it is to choose the right manufacturing partners, and if you know anything about Hosted VoIP you will know that true interoperability is vital. Validating full interoperability between Metaswitch and our chosen handset partner Aastra was of critical importance in order to underpin a stable and successful service delivery.

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At Voiplicity, Convergence isn't a tagline we use to get your attention. It's a technology we use every day. We are always working hard to bring on new services for the world's leading mobile handset manufactures.

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Totally private secure
data centre

We own and operate a 5,000 square feet secure data centre. This is the heart of our network. We made a strategic decision to house all our switches in our own private state of the art facility. We have fibre all the way to the London Internet Exchange which means we can ensure you get all the capacity you will ever need.

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Tier One Carrier

We are a Tier One carrier; this means we own and operate our own network. We have geographic number ranges that span the entire United Kingdom. We are truly independent and that means that the demarcation line is closer to your customer.

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A product road map ensuring
customer's demands are met

When you join Voiplicity as a partner, you are choosing technology that's truly global. The carriers around the world that own Metaswitch infrastructure are at the forefront of development & innovation & it’s a community that shares its wealth. That means we work within a global network of Tier One operators that demand to be in at the forefront of this exciting industry.

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Industry leading subscriber

Our User Interface is capable of something quite special; it satisfies the most technically demanding users while still allowing ease of use for those that require a more simplified service.

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A totally unique &
unrivalled service

It's our mission to work with our partners to remain consistently compelling. Our goal is to deliver a service that makes you unique, to ensure your customers remain loyal.

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Our Solutions

Our SolutionsEvery Hosted VoIP Telephony solution provided by VOIPLICITY is as individual as the communication needs of our customers. By owning and controlling our own networks, switches, data centres and staff we are able to provide the ultimate in flexible answers to challenging business needs.

Whichever Hosted IP Telephony solution Voiplicity provides your business, you can be certain it will include the widest possible range of benefits to improve the way you run your organization:

Our Solutions


MetaswitchWith Metaswitch we've found a partner you can count on with technology you can trust.


AastraAt the forefront of the enterprise communication market around the world, Voiplicity are pleased to supply Aastra technology with our solutions.


CiscoEnergising your applications and providing highly secure and exceptionally reliable solutions.